Always Strive and Prosper review- one to remember

by Karan Singh….

A$AP Ferg’s sophomore follow up of Traplord is one to remember as Ferg proves he’s just not A$AP Rocky’s sidekick. In fact, I think he’s the most artistically talented in the whole A$AP mob and is continuing to make further strides in his burgeoning career. Paying homage to his uncle Psycho (who really sounded like one) and grandmother, A$AP Ferg takes us through his life growing up in Hamilton Heights (“Hungry Ham”) and the trials and tribulations he has had to go through on his journey to fame.

Some would say he is way more versatile in Always Strive and Prosper, and who can blame them, with tracks like Strive and Hungry Ham, Ferg’s experimentation really pays off. It shows balls to really switch it up, even if fans don’t agree, because no one wants to be known as that one-dimensional rapper (*cough* Future). The club bangers are still there in Uzi Gang and Let It Bang, which goes to show the Traplord is still out here on the streets. One thing I did have an issue with was that Ferg did release quite a bit of his album before release, so songs like New Level and Psycho weren’t really a surprise,  but then again it only made me more pumped. And of course he had to create more buzz for his album, I hope it pays off and he gets the radio play and streams he deserves.

Ferg is also way more transparent in this album, revealing the love he had to give up in order to reach for his dreams in the rap game. This level of honesty helps build the diverse picture of A$AP Ferg and makes us realise that celebrities are not invincible, they can be as vulnerable as anybody.

The Traplord has come along way from trapping on the streets of Harlem and selling his own designed belts. He’s realising his potential and this album will only make his stock increase. With featuring artists Big Sean, Ty Dolla Sign, Chris Brown, ScHoolboy Q and Rick Ross, Traplord season is in full effect.

Stream the full album below.


Is Meek Mill Really Going To Take Another Loss?

By Karan Singh….

On Wednesday (April 13), Philly rapper Meek Mill’s Dreamchaser 4 mixtape appeared on Datpiff with a countdown timer towards an April 29 release, hoping to hijack Drake’s release of Views from the 6. However, since then the countdown has been taken down and now just says “coming soon.”

Now I don’t know what Meek has been getting up to in his house arrest, but surely he wasn’t sitting around saying “I’ve got it! I’ll release a mixtape on the same day as Drake’s album! It’ll definitely get more exposure than his and then I can get one up on him.” If he did, he’s in for a rude awakening. For the sake of his career he has to leave the L he took behind, dust himself off and go back to his battle rapper roots. It has reached the point where Meek looks like a girl that has been cheated on countless times, and no matter what anyone says about the scenario, she will go back there.

I can only imagine twitter blowing up with numerous amounts of memes if Meek Mill’s mixtape turns out to be a dud. Does he really want Will Smith laughing at him again?

Will smith laughing
Drake, Will Smith, and Kanye having a good ol’ laugh at Meek Mill at OVO fest 2015.

Lets just hope Meek stays in his lane and does his own thing.